Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Memorial Museum

The 52-mat studio (Zonkoro) where Hashimoto painted with the aid of sunlight reflected in from the pond

A place shaped to the scholarly ideology of Kansetsu Hashimoto over 30 years

Kansetsu Hashimoto, a Japanese painter active in the Shijo school of Kyoto Gadan during the Taisho and Showa periods, designed this home-cum-studio as part of his move to Kyoto, spending some 30 years from 1914 in several rebuilds to expand it to his needs. And, now it is a museum passing on Hashimoto’s works and ideology.
A National Scenic Beauty Spot, the garden - with its pond and paths - is home to stone artworks dotted here and there, such as Buddha statues and lanterns from Kamakura to Momoyama periods; all collected by Hashimoto during his lifetime. And, here, always ever present, are the main house, studio (Zonkoro) and tea arbor, pergola, jibutsudo (a hall for a private Buddha statue) and other structures.
Among the collection, there are expansive pieces that take their subjects from the Chinese classics, pet dogs, monkeys and many other animal portraits as well as sketches and roughs, all by Hashimoto. In addition, the museum also boasts a permanent collection of ancient art collected by the artist, such as Greek pottery and calligraphy by Chinese masters.

photoGekka-kihan (The moonlight) by Kansetsu Hashimoto (1938)

Gekka-kihan (The moonlight) by Kansetsu Hashimoto (1938)

photoExternal view of studio, Zonkoro

External view of studio, Zonkoro

photoInterior view of studio, Zonkoro

Interior view of studio, Zonkoro


Which of the following animals did Hashimoto specialize in painting in old age? ① Horse ② Cow ③ Monkey

Address 37 Jodoji Ishibashi-cho, Sakyo-ku
TEL 075-751-0446
FAX 075-751-0448
Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00(entry by 16:30)
Closed Open daily
Adm Adults ¥1,300, College students ¥500
Access Very close to Ginkakuji-mae Stop of City Bus/ A 3-min walk from Ginkakuji-michi Stop of City Bus

Facilities near by

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