Keihoku Sansato Museum

History details that hint at the rich legacies in this community surrounded by the famed Kitayama cedar forests

A historical legacy of a region and the occupations of its inhabitants

This museum was established to preserve and display historical and cultural assets of the Keihoku region, such as educational assets and traditional folk materials and equipment of Keihoku. Among these, the education display depicts how schooling has changed in the rural area of Keihoku and photo panel displays tell the stories of bygone days of elementary schools, which served the community from the end of the Edo shogunate until their closure in 1999. The museum also has photo panels of Buddha images to be found in the temples throughout the vast Keihoku district. The folk collection (agriculture and forestry) is exhibited at the former Hosono Elementary School.

For your information, Kyoto City Keihoku Cultural Heritage Center exhibits many historical things, such as roofing tiles from Shuzan temple site and artifacts excavated from an ancient tomb.




Where was the landing destination of the log rafts going down river from Keihoku?

Address 3F Keihoku Government Offices, 1-1 Kamiterada Keihoku Shuzan-cho, Ukyo-ku
TEL 075-251-0410
FAX 075-213-4650
Hours 10:00~16:00 (entry by 15:30)
Closed Mon,Tue,Sat, Sun, Nat Hols, New Year Hols
Adm Free
Access Very close to Keihoku-godouchosha-mae Stop of JR Bus
Parking Available (Free)

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