Ikebana History Museum

The pictorial record of Senko Ikenobo’s flower arrangements on display

A space brimming with the history of ikebana

Exhibits relating the history of ikebana fill this museum, which is in the grounds of Shiunzan Chohoji Temple, affectionately known as Rokkakudo, founded by Shotoku Taishi (574~627). Here, in this temple, the heads of the Ikenobo School successively assume the role of head priest to carry on the tradition of arranging flowers in the temple hall. This is why the temple is regarded as the birthplace of Japanese flower arrangement. And, the museum offers an insight into that world.
Ikebana was founded in the 15th century. And, the museum boasts a collection of ikebana tools, folding screens, vases and other accoutrements as well as documents and archive materials related to ikebana – including: the oldest existing ikebana chronicle “Kaoirai-no-Kadensho” as well as “Rikka-no-shidai-kyujusanpei- ari” (Important Cultural Property), a pictorial record of the flower arrangements made in the imperial palace and homes of the nobility in the early 17th century by Senko Ikenobo, said to be thee flower arranger of unparalleled skill.
The museum also displays Rokkakudo artifacts unearthed when the building housing the museum was constructed.

photo“Rikka-no-shidai-kyujusanpei-ari” (Important Cultural Property)

“Rikka-no-shidai-kyujusanpei-ari” (Important Cultural Property)



In what way has the museum’s entrance door handle been stylized?

Address 3rd Fl Ikenobo Building 248 Donomae-cho Rokkaku-dori Higashinotoin nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku
TEL 075-221-2686
FAX 075-252-1325
URL http://www.ikenobo.jp
Hours 9:00~16:00 (reservation required)
Closed Sat, Sun, Nat Holes., New Year Hols, Mid-August hols
Adm Free (charged during exhibitions)
Access A 3-min walk from Exit 5 of the Subway Karasuma Line and Tozai Line Karasuma Oike Stn/Very close to Karasuma-Sanjo Stop of City Bus

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