Kyoto Ii Museum

A room brimming with armor full of historical details

Armor that brings to life the Age of the Warring States

This is the only historically orientated and specialized art museum in Japan that displays swords and armor along with their histories. On the 1st floor, there are many art works pertaining to daimyos, or warlords, such as daimyo palanquin and Buddhist statue. And, on the 2nd floor, among suits of armor, the museum also holds long-term themed exhibitions. The museum is a renovated tea house dating back 150 years of so. The front gate is a reproduction of the gate on the Kyoto residence of the Hakone clan.
Much of the collection concerns actual armor worn by warriors on the battlefield, starting with battle helmets from the Kofun period and followed by armor of every era. Also, the museum director is an avid researcher in the field of armor and sword history, undertaking many investigations for armor owners, which in turn enhances the historical data and materials on display. In addition, the museum also is famous for the collection related to the Hikone domain (the clan that the museum director belongs to) and the Yoita domain branch of the Ii family. Besides the exhibits, upon request, visitors may be allowed to try on a certain suit of armor.



What color is the armor of the Ii family?

Address 564 Komatsu-cho Hanamikojidori Shijo-sagaru 4 chome, Higashiyama-ku
TEL 075-525-3921
FAX 075-531-5121
URL http://www.ii-museum.jp
Hours 13:00~17:00 (Advanced reservation required, entry by 16:30)
Closed Irregular hols
Adm Adults ¥1,500, High school to college students ¥1,000, Elementaly and junior high school students ¥500, Trying on armor ¥2,500
Access A 3-min walk from Higashiyama Yasui Stop of City Bus
Parking None

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