The Bank of Yanagihara Memorial Museum

Some 30% of the museum (interior stairs, ceilings) is preserved in the ambience of 100 years ago for visitors to enjoy

One of the oldest wooden bank buildings in Kyoto founded by a discriminated-against people

Back in 1899, the former mayor Tamizo Akashi and locals of Yanagihara (the Sujin area) established a bank in the then “quasi outcast community”. Built of wood, it is now one of the oldest wooden-built bank buildings in Kyoto and was registered as a Tangible Cultural Property by Kyoto City in 1994. Road widening threatened the existence of the building, but local preservation action resulted in the building being moved to its present location. And, in 1997, it opened as a memorial museum.
In an effort to communicate the importance of human rights, as represented by the bank’s efforts to support local businesses and promote education in the area amidst discrimination, the museum displays the valuable artefacts and records about the history, culture and lifestyle in the area that have been donated by local people. The museum also stages a special exhibition once a year. And, with these exhibits, the museum strives to raise awareness about various human rights issues.



What is the highest position in the Bank of Japan called?

Address 6-3 Shimono-cho, Shimogyo-ku
TEL 075-371-0295
FAX 075-371-0295
URL http://suujin.org/yanagihara
Hours 10:00 ~ 16:30
Closed Mon, Tue, Nat Hols, Hols in lieu, 29/12-3/1, Exhibition changeover periods
Adm Free
Access An 8-min walk from Exit 3 of the Subway Karasuma Line Kyoto Stn/A 10-min walk from Central Exit of JR Kyoto Stn/An 8-min walk from Keihan Shichijo Stn/A 5-min walk from Shiokoji Takakura Stop of City Bus

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