Kawai Kanjiro’s House

Step in to this cozy abode, so well preserved that one would imagine Kanjiro stepping out to greet you

A space echoing resoundingly to the aesthetic sense of the artist

In 1937, the ceramic artist Kanjiro Kawai designed this property, with residential space, studio and climbing kiln, to be a home and workplace he would live in amidst many furnishings for the rest of his life, and - as if frozen in time - that is exactly how visitors can tour it today. Fixtures, furnishings, ceramics and wood carvings, almost all designed, made or collected by the artist, stand casually about the house, presenting a unique world formed by the aesthetic senses of a single artist. His works - spanning ceramics, wood carving and decorated calligraphy - are permanently exhibited, with minor rotations made with each of the four seasons, so visitors can drink in Kanjiro’s human nature through his art and his lifestyle.
Dotted nonchalantly here and there in the house are works by Soetsu Yanagi, Tasuaki Kuroda and others, which offer strong clues to Kanjiro’s connection with Japan’s craft movement.

photoBowl with flower & hand design on white background

Bowl with flower & hand design on white background

Address 569 Kanei-cho Gojyozaka, Higashiyama-ku
TEL 075-561-3585
FAX 075-561-3585
URL http://www.kanjiro.jp
Hours 10:00~17:00 (entry by 16:30)
Closed Mon (following day if Nat Hol), 11/8~20/8, 24/12~7/1
Adm Adults ¥900, High school and college students ¥500, Elementary and junior high school students ¥300
Access A 10-min walk from Keihan Kiyomizu-Gojo Stn/A 2-min walk from Umamachi Stop and Gojo-zaka Stop of City Bus

Facilities near by

photo:SEN-OKU HAKUKOKAN MUSEUM “Sumitomo Collection”

SEN-OKU HAKUKOKAN MUSEUM “Sumitomo Collection”

A highly proclaimed bronze ware collection

photo:Nomura Art Museum

Nomura Art Museum

The masterpieces of a refined man with tastes unparalleled in our times

photo:Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto National Museum

Preserving the cultural assets of our hometown Kyoto

photo:Tofuku-ji Temple – Head Temple of Rinzai Sect

Tofuku-ji Temple – Head Temple of Rinzai Sect

Treasures that have survived repeated fires to reach us today

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