Otani University Museum

Documents copied onto paper in the Sung era from the stone monuments of the Tang dynasty in China

The appeal of Buddhist culture spanning Asia

Founded as a seminary for Higashi Hongan-ji Temple in 1665, Otani University has a wealth of materials that it now exhibits in an on-campus museum. Exhibits mainly deal with the Shinshu sect of Buddhism and with Buddhist cultural assets, but it also displays materials from many fields such as philosophy, literature and other subjects, notably with extensive materials covering Central to East Asia. The museum’s collection is especially rich in books in classical Chinese and Japanese and other ancient documents used for research into Oriental studies and Japanese history. There are ten Important Cultural Properties such as the Koya-zappitsu-shu by Kobo Daishi (Kukai), the diary Shunki of Sukefusa Fujiwara (illuminating the daily lives of Heian nobles) and the Senjaku Hongan Nenbutsu Shu by Genku (also called Honen), which was written at the request of the imperial advisor Kanezane Kujo.
Regular exhibitions, mainly drawing from pieces in the museum collection, are held four times a year. Also, in autumn, there is a special exhibition that introduces material preserved in various areas of Japan together with material from the museum’s collection.

photoInscription on a Relic Stupa of the Late Meditation Master Seng-yong of Hua-du Temple (Rubbing)

Inscription on a Relic Stupa of the Late Meditation Master Seng-yong of Hua-du Temple (Rubbing)

photoInside museum

Inside museum

photoExternal view of Korukan

External view of Korukan


What is the title of the catalog commemorating the opening of the Otani University Museum?

Address 1st Floor of Korukan, Koyama Kamifusa-cho, Kita-ku
TEL 075-411-8483
FAX 075-411-8146
Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00(entry by 16:30)
Closed Sun, Mon and any other days decided by museum
Adm Regular exhibitions: Free/Special exhibitions: Charged (Adults and college students only)
Access Very close to Exit 6 of the Subway Karasuma Line Kitaoji Stn/A 2-min walk from Kitaoji Bus Terminal/A 2-min walk from Karasuma-Kitaoji Stop of City Bus/A 5-min walk from Shimofusa-cho Stop of City Bus

Facilities near by

photo:Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Memorial Museum

Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Memorial Museum

A place shaped to the scholarly ideology of Kansetsu Hashimoto over 30 years

photo:Jakko-in Temple Hochisho-den (Treasure Hall)

Jakko-in Temple Hochisho-den (Treasure Hall)

The world of Heike handed down by Empress Dowager Kenrei

photo:Orinasukan Handmade Fabrics Museum

Orinasukan Handmade Fabrics Museum

A townhouse in the heart of Nishijin telling the story of handmade fabrics

photo:Senbon Shaka-do (Daiho-on-ji Temple) – Reihoden

Senbon Shaka-do (Daiho-on-ji Temple) – Reihoden

An amazing collection of Buddhist images by the Kei school

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