Silk Museum – Itoko Gallery

Some 10,000 silk cocoons are needed to make one kimono and this display shows that reality

The museum of white silk gives you luxurious experiences

Our company Itoko has been producing white silk of pre-dyed material for Kimono, since it was founded in Kyoto 1931.We have a silk gallery where our staffs show visitors around 50 kinds of white silk fabrics and explain about silk cocoons and threads.Through our hands-on opportunity, the visitors can enjoy the beauty of lustrous silk fabrics and recognize the differences of white ones such as wrinkled silk crepe, velvet, satin, silk gauze, glossy silk textile and semi-transparent texture.In addition we show you the fabric variety made from our original Japanese domestic cocoon named “Matsuoka-hime”, other white kinds and green wild silk moths’ cocoons.

Have you ever considered how many cocoons are needed for one set of Kimono for one person?

Could you join us and let’s find out through the experiences?

Moreover you can feel the wide range of possibilities of silk fabrics. It is our great pleasure to  let you know new interior materials such as silk laminated glass in our adjoining “Silk Glass” showroom. And our unique plans of Yuzen-dyeing workshops are also available.
Please make a reservation in advance.

photoSilk dyeing and gold painting workshops are available if booked in advance.

Silk dyeing and gold painting workshops are available if booked in advance.

photoInterior material Showroom named “Silk Glass”

Interior material Showroom named “Silk Glass”


What is the length of silk thread produced from a single, small white cocoon?

Address 4F Itoko Bldg. 448-2 Tatsuike-cho Oike-dori Muromachi Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku (admission from 6F)
TEL 075-254-5884
FAX 075-256-2818
URL https://www.kimono-itoko.co.jp
Hours 10:00~18:00 (reservation required)
Closed Sat, Sun, Hols (only open for advanced bookings)
Adm Free
Access Very close to Exit 2 of the Subway Karasuma Line and Tozai Line Karasuma Oike Stn

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