KONDO Museum

The front of this museum on Chawanzaka is highlighted by a giant plate (126cm across) decorated with a plum tree in blue-on-white

“Tradition and Innovation” in blue-on-white porcelain

On “Chawan-zaka”, close to Kiyomizu Temple, this museum is home to ceramic works by Yuzo Kondo, who, in a career spanning some 70 years, became a National Living Treasure for his sometsuke, or blue and white, wares. Kondo started formal ceramic training at the age of 12 when he entered The Kyoto Municipal General Advanced Technical Ceramic School. From there he never looked back as a potter, continuing his craft into old age, getting to know Kanjiro Kawai and Shoji Hamada along the way, whilst also gaining valuable experience by training under his mentor, Kenkichi Tomioka, before, at the age of 22, setting up his studio here in what is now the museum, which exhibits the dynamic works that span that life.
Kondo took ceramic style to new frontiers with bold flourishes of the brush intimating nature across sturdily designed pots. And, this museum exhibits mostly Yuzo Kondo’s works, including large vessels, plates and tea bowls with various decorative designs and techniques. Also, behind the gallery, Kondo’s studio has been reproduced and is home to many of the tools he cherished. And, in addition, the traditional and innovative works of three more Kondo generations are on display, his eldest son, Yutaka, youngest son, Jun, and grandson, Takahiro. Also note that in the gallery there is the RYUSUI Bar Space for visitors to enjoy Japanese sake and sencha green tea, etc.

photoBig plate with plum tree in blue-on-white by Yuzo Kondo (1975)

Big plate with plum tree in blue-on-white by Yuzo Kondo (1975)

photoA blue, red and gold interpretation of Mt. Fuji by Yuzo Kondo (1977)

A blue, red and gold interpretation of Mt. Fuji by Yuzo Kondo (1977)

Address 287 Kiyomizu 1 chome, Higashiyama-ku
TEL 075-561-2917
FAX 075-581-8755
URL http://www.yuzo.kondo-kyoto.com/
Hours 11:00 ~ 18:00
Closed Wed
Adm ¥1,000 (with drink included at RYUSUI Bar Space)
Access An 8-min walk from Gojo-zaka Stop of City Bus

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