Zen Museum (Hanazono University Historical Museum)

Displays from ancient terra-cotta figures found in the biggest tumulus in Kyoto to Zen paintings

Sweeping displays of gathered materials

This museum holds some 2,000 pieces. The first display room houses a permanent exhibition, including materials and books related to archeology, ethnology, history, fine arts and Zen culture. The second room stages uniquely planned exhibitions driven by a “student participation” principle to incorporate the energetic efforts of undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty members.
The permanent collection is split into four sections. The archeology section presents the finds from excavations made by the university’s archeology office, and these include terra-cotta haniwa figures from the second Ogontsuka tumulus in Fushimi (late 4th century) and relics related to the Heian capital that were found on an ancient site in the grounds of Hanazono University. The ethnology section features actual items used in daily life and culture that were gathered in Oudaku, Uda, Nara prefecture. An art and Zen culture section displays pieces related to Zen culture mostly in areas like Zen painting and writing. Finally, the history section handles a vast amount of historical materials such as ancient books that the History Department of the Literature Faculty has gathered over the years.

photoPart of Hakuin Ekaku (Zen monk) illustration

Part of Hakuin Ekaku (Zen monk) illustration

Address 4F of Musho-kan Hall, 8-1 Nishinokyo Tsubonouchi-cho Nakagyo-ku
TEL 075-811-5181 (Representative)
FAX 075-811-9664
URL http://www.hanazono.ac.jp/museum
Hours 10:00~16:00, 14:00 on Sat for Apr-Jul and Sept-Jan only
Closed Sun, Nat Hols, University Hols
Adm Free
Access An 8-min walk from JR Enmachi Stn/A 5-min walk from Hakuraku-cho Stop and Nishinokyotsukamoto-cho Stop of City Bus

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