Jonan-gu Shrine Sacred Garden and Suiseki-tei Gallery

Some 100 flower varieties associated with The Tale of Genji are planted in the Shinen sacred garden reproducing the beauty of the dynastic age

A garden passing on the essence of the Heian Dynasty

With the transfer of the capital to Kyoto in the Heian period, this guardian shrine was built to keep watch over the southern part of the new capital. Said to ward against calamities related to direction “hoyoke”, people come from all over the country to pray for protection in home building, manufacture, house moving, travel and transport. In the latter half of the Heian period, the retired Emperor Shirakawa built a grand villa here to enjoy the beautiful waterside setting that was a strategic highway and use it as base to control politics from behind the scenes. Thus, Jonan-gu became a place synonymous with politics and culture. It also became a setting for the Tale of the Heike. In the grounds, there are five gardens that make up the Shinen, or sacred garden, and Rakusuien garden that spread out around the main shrine, filling the grounds with the colors of the seasons.
The Suiseki-tei Gallery features special exhibitions that take the shrines and the local area as their theme.

photoKyokusui-no-utage party

Kyokusui-no-utage party

photoMomoyama-no-niwa garden

Momoyama-no-niwa garden

photoMuromachi-no-niwa garden

Muromachi-no-niwa garden

Address 7 Nakajima Tobarikyu-cho Fushimi-ku
TEL 075-623-0846
FAX 075-611-0785
Hours 9:00~16:30 (entry by 16:00) Suiseki-tei only open during planned exhibitions
Closed Shrine always open, Suiseki-tei always open during planned exhibitions
Adm Adults ¥600, Elementary and junior high school students ¥400
Access A 15-min walk from Exit 6 of the Subway Karasuma Line and Kintetsu Takeda Stn/A 3-min walk from Jonan-gu Higashiguchi Stop of City Bus/15 min by Express Bus from Hachijoguchi exit of JR Kyoto Stn, A 3-min walk from Aburanokoji Jonan-gu Stop on weekdays and Jonan-gu-mae Stop on weekends and Nat hols
Parking Available (Free)

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